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We understand what a difficult and private matter dealing with hemorrhoids can be.
That is why we ship all orders in plain packaging and process our orders using a secure server.
You can feel confident that your order is secure and private.

What is The #1 Most Effective Therapy Available?Hemorrhoid.Center

Hemorrhoid Center has inspected hundreds of the best selling hemorrhoid products and chose the most effective solutions on the market. They do the research, check the quality, and determine the top products on the market.

They rate products based on the following criteria:  the quality of ingredients, value based on price & effectiveness, safety, and overall customer satisfaction. "Our goal is to remove the guesswork from product shopping, because when you’ve got health problems you need a cure fast, not a cabinet full of products that don’t work." Their intention is to make it easier for you to make an educated decision when buying health products.

HemClear™ was Rated #1
-by Hemorrhoid Center

Hemorrhoid Center Top Pick
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Overall Score: 96.5%

Product Quality:
HemClear™ is without a doubt our top choice this year. It had the most positive user feedback of any product on the market today. Not only did customers remark that it was effective in survey reports, scoring a 96.5% approval rating, but they also made the same claim in forum posts. HemClear is made in an FDA-registered lab and held to strict quality assurance standards. The natural ingredients in HemClear reduce soreness by moving through the bloodstream to the affected area and alleviated both internal and external discomfort. HemClear is safe, with no customers complaining of unpleasant side effects. With a 100% money back guarantee, HemClear is a must try for sufferers.

Cost Efficiency:
The cost is from 49.95 for one treatment cycle, which is a great value. But the best value is in the package deals they have. HemClear offers 2 free bottles if you buy 2 bottles (That's 4 bottles for $24.95 per bottle - From our findings, no other product has been able to come close). Furthermore, HemClear stands by its product, offering a 60 day money back guarantee, which you don't see too often.
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The Bottom Line:
HemClear is the top selling product on the market. It has a proven track record of success with overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. It’s affordable, and it works.

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HemClear™ is Recommended by doctors and Medical Scientists:

HemClear - Hemorrhoid Treatment
HemClear, is proud to be endorsed by doctors and biomedical researchers alike. HemClear's formulation of effective ingredients and strong name recognition have brought praise from some of the finest professionals in the industry. Click here to read more...

What HemClear Customer's Are Saying:

All Testimonials reflect the range of typical results that we find our customers experience.
*Results may vary. These testimonials do not guarantee similar results.

Comment by: Todd S. 
March 22nd

I found your site browsing for hemorrhoid remedies one day and decided to give your product a try. It sounded great and there was a 100% guarantee. Well, you don't even need the guarantee because Hem Clear is truly amazing. [I was] uncomfortable and I tried everything under the sun for remedies. Just after 3 days of taking your product, it feels like they are gone. No uncomfortable feeling or anything. I bought a 2 week supply. How is it that not all doctors know about this product and recommend it to their patients? Thank you again for this wonderful product. The price is a steal because of how well Hem Clear works. Thank you

Comment by: John B.
February 15rd

I had both internal and external... I tried a bunch of different products, mainly creams. Hemclear was by far the best - even got rid of my internal... Its the only one I will use if I have a flare-up!
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Comment by: David
February 5th

I had unbelievable pain every time I had a bowel movement, and would have to ease it with soaking in the tub. It was seriously the most frustrating and embarrassing thing. So much pain, and in such an inconvenient place…I have spent probably 80-130 dollars on tubes of cream from Right Aid and Wal-Mart and none of it worked like I needed it to. But after three weeks of extreme discomfort (and I mean BAD), I ordered some HemClear. Man, the difference was like night and day! I felt an improvement within HOURS, not months or weeks. Every day they got a little smaller. In about 5 days, they were pretty much completely gone. I took HemClear for the next two days just to be sure, but they haven’t come back. I really can’t recommend this product enough. I think more people would tell others by word of mouth, but who wants to talk about their problem with their friends? I sure didn’t. But I’m going to recommend it on the Internet, for sure. And, hell, I’ll probably mention to real friends, too. I don’t like the thought of anyone suffering like I did.

Comment by: Sarah T.
On: February 1st

$39.95 is without a doubt worth the relief that I got from HemClear. The pain and irritation was gone quickly, and I didn’t experience any side effects. I was a little bit skeptical that a product that cost less than most of the others would work as well, but it turned out to work perfectly.

Comment by:  Steven M.
On: January 21st

Pretty much as soon as I took HemClear, I could tell a difference. Every day was better than the day before, and in no time I didn’t have hemorrhoids at all. I’d recommend this to anyone.
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Comment by:  Lauren
On: January 12th

I never thought I’d have to deal with hemorrhoids, but I got them a few weeks ago. My doctor said a lot of it is probably because of my poor diet (not enough fiber). So I made those eating changes, took a fiber supplement (Metamucil), and bought some HemClear. ...100% gone in less than a week, and they shrunk noticeably each day before that. Diet changes along with a little HemClear will go a very long way towards clearing up the pain and irritation.

Comment by:  Chad
On: January 5th

I wrestled with hemorrhoids for months, and I wish I’d just started with HemClear instead of trying a bunch of other things first. I didn’t even have to use the whole bottle to knock out the problem. I’d pretty much recommend it to anyone...

Comment by:  Ryan C.
On: January 2nd

After trying a few other products – with sub-par results – I tried HemClear. It was great! I had virtually immediate relief.... Hopefully I’ll never have a... problem again, but if I do, I’ll save myself the trouble with other products and grab some HemClear first.
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Comment by:  Jack J.
On: December 22nd

This product is awesome! I was really embarrassed that I had hemorrhoids, and it was extremely uncomfortable to deal with, especially at work. But HemClear helped quickly and is definitely worth it. Thank You. I'm a lifetime user now.

Comment by:  Ashley
On: December 6th

I had my first baby last month, and I didn’t even realize hemorrhoids were a common problem after pregnancy. Just when I thought the complications of pregnancy were through, this little problem sprang up…I tried HemClear first, and I had no reason to try anything else. HemClear knocked it right out.

Comment by:  Janice
On: November 27th

I’m in my fifties and have had to deal with hemorrhoids for what seems like ages. I tried everything. First I tried dietary changes alone, which didn’t really do the trick (though it did help.) Then I tried a bunch of different products. Sometimes they would go away for a little bit, but they always came back pretty quickly. I’m glad I eventually learned about HemClear, because it finally provided some real relief.
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Comment by:  Donnie
On: November 17th

My hemorrhoids stuck around for over a year. They really weren’t terrible all the time, and they rarely bled. Some days they were really painful, and some does I barely even noticed them. I think I just got used to them a little, and I’d use stuff like Preparation-H from the pharmacy to help control it. But it just got worse over time. I got some HemClear from their website a few weeks ago, and now I’m sitting here totally clear.

Comment by:  Terrance V.
On: November 11th

My hemorrhoids were internal, and they didn’t protrude at all. But they still really bothered me, obviously, and it hurt to use the bathroom. I thought I’d need to buy two, but the first one did the trick by itself.

Comment by:  Alex
On: October 18thnd

My hemorroids were killing me! Whatever the stuff they had at Walgreen’s was, it didn’t really help me. The first thing I tried helped a little bit, but then they got bad again. Someone told me to try HemClear, so I bought some online. Finally it doesn’t hurt just to sit or use the bathroom again!
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Comment by:  Chase M.
On: October 3rd

A solid product. HemClear was definitely worth the money. I’m keeping an extra bottle in my house in case I ever have hemorrhoids again. I’d rather not even for delivery if I can fix the problem right then!

Comment by:  Zack L.
On: September 3rd

I am totally, 100% satisfied with HemClear. I was so angry about my hemorrhoids. Actually angry! I am an independent person, and I hated the feeling that hemorrhoids were pretty much dictating what my day looked like. I sat on an inflatable cushion at the office. Using the bathroom took forever, and wiping was like scraping myself with sandpaper or something. It was the most annoying thing, not to mention painful. So I ordered HemClear and got to work. I kept using other stuff too, actually. I used the Wal-mart brand hemorrhoid treatment cream to provide a little temporary relief but I don’t think it was even necessary – the stuff wasn’t helping much before I got HemClear, and after I started using it was only days before my problem was solved anyways.
I narrowly avoided a real disaster, actually. About the time I started taking HemClear, I ate something off and ended up with terrible diarrhea. I can’t even imagine the kind of agony I would’ve been in, but by the time it set in I was just about in the clear. Whew. Thanks so much to everyone who made HemClear.
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